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Wielkopolska (Greater Poland) is a historical region of west-central Poland. It covers a total area of 29,826 square kilometres, and has a population of almost 3.4 million. The voivodship is divided into 35 districts and 226 communes. The region's main city and provincial capital is Poznań, near the centre of the region, on the Warta, with a population of over 560,000. The largest other cities are Kalisz, Konin, Piła, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Gniezno Leszno.

Factors that distinguish the region: very good location in terms of transport infrastructure, support for business, absorptive market, high level of business development and the dynamics of transformation process.

In Wielkopolska region, there are located such reputable companies as: Beiersddorf, Volkswagen, Honda, MAN (Germany), GlaxoSmithKline (Great Britain), Bridgestone, Nestle (Switzerland), Philips (the Netherlands), Jeronimo Martins, Gestamp Automotion.

Advantages of the voivodeship Wielkopolska:

  • Situated in the area of the transit routes east-west;
  • High efficiency of the industry in the region;
  • Well-developed business support institutions;
  • Significant number of foreign investments  from Germany, Great Britain, United States, Ireland, Sweden, Japan, Holland and Switzerland;
  • The basis of the Province's economy is the variety of industries, efficient agriculture and well-developed services, particularly in the commercial and financial sectors;
  • Foreign companies have invested approximately 4 billion USD, with the biggest investment in food processing, also in the chemical industry, manufacture of electrical equipment, vehicles, plant and machines, and in the paper processing and printing industry;
  • 9.3% of all businesses operating in Poland are to be found in the Wielkopolska Province


THE POLAGRA FOOD FAIR - start next week!

It is less than one week until Poland’s and Central-Eastern Europe’s largest exhibition of food industry achievements – the Polagra Food Fair.

Employment is going up - results from the 29th edition of the Randstad and TNS Polska survey

We are entering a new stage on the job market - employers compete with each other to find skilled professionals. In the next six months, 36% of the companies is planning to recruit, the majority of them comes from the eastern and northern Poland - said Mr Sławomir Majman, President of the PAIiIZ at a meeting where the ‘Plans of the employers’ survey was presented. The survey was carried out by the Randstad Research Institute and TNS Polska.
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